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IPDog is showing you all the unauthorised accesses to your computer and network.IPDog shows you all the open ports threatening your security. You can see as well as prevent any connection at all.IPDog shows the name and the description of each port.It will also give you information about the ip-address that is sending the request and it will tell you the ports in which port your computer is connected.You can easily identify which type of connection it is.Currently recognised ports:Network, shell, SSL, smtp, http, pop3, X11, telnet, dns, port scanner.It also shows the date and time of any connection.IPDog comes with 10 pre-defined modes. You can easily change them in the configuration. Every mode has it's own colour, log and mode-menu.IPDog configuration:- select a mode with the keyboard.- insert the IP-addresses of the computers on which you want to detect the open ports.- select a colour for the log.- insert a time interval for logging.- save the list of IP-addresses and choose your logfile.IPDog Main Features:- Workstation/server detection: You can choose if you are testing a server or a workstation.- Include an IP-ranges. You can also choose between all available IP-addresses.- Workstation/server resolution: You can select between the following IP-addresses for a server (changeable by pressing shift)::- IP-address- subnet mask- host name- network cards.- Range selection: You can choose an internet-range with or without DNS-server.- IP-ranges can also be created by pressing the button.- Fielder: Check the possible open ports of your computer. (Remember you can create an own list with the open ports of your computer on which you want to test.- Help: Get a tutorial to test IPDog.- Account: You can access your account online to download updates, configure IPDog and so on.- Status window: A simple and fast status window with the connection information of the last tested IP-address.- Download: The configuration of IPDog can be saved into a configuration file.- About: IPDog comes with an about and view-information window.- Full-Version: You can download the 08929e5ed8

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